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Providing the Full Spectrum of Internet & Web Services

A division of Boroff Publication Services, Inc., 164 Riverside Drive, Tiffin. Ohio. Pathway Internet Services - a full-service Internet and World Wide Web provider.

Fastest & Most Direct:

Pathway is designed for the Internet user who demands the best from a provider (fewest busy signals, maximum transmission speed and a direct link to the Web). Therefore, unlike other Internet/Web providers who crowd a large number of users on just a few incoming telephone lines, Pathway will strictly monitor the number of clients keeping the client-to-incoming telephone line ratio low. This will provide the best service and fewest user problems.

Furthermore, Pathway is a direct Digitized T-1 connection to Global Internet, a major gateway on the backbone of the Internet. Our clients will have the best possible connection and maximum data transmission speed with the fewest transmission problems. With Pathway, you are not limited in any way in which you can access the Internet and Web--Not every provider can make this claim.

Rate Information          Flat rate:                $ 1.50 per hour ($7.50 per month minimum)
                                       Pathway PRO:      $23.50 per month unlimited service
                                       Pathway GOLD:   $225.00 per year unlimited service
                                       DSL:                      $43.50 per month

New non-business customers who have no credit experience with us will be required to pay monthly services on their Mastercard, Discover or Visa account or maintain a deposit on account of $25. Business customers are welcome to contact us for billing arrangements.

This is What You Get as a Pathway Subscriber:

· Reliable Service ... Since we are directly connected to the Web by a true T-l digitized line, your connection is as error-free as technologically possible.

· Fast Transmission Speed ... Our T-l line is a direct route to the Web -- no crowding by other users. Your 28.8K to 56K modem will transmit at maximum speed between your site through our digitized PRI lines to the Web.

· Minimum Wait for an Open Line ... We are strictly limiting the total number of average users per incoming line. This way, you'll get few busy signals as you're trying to connect to the Web.

· Technical Support ... Our support staff will assist you in getting your computer configured to "surf' the Web and will help you with web-based problems if and when they arise.

· 24-Hour Line Maintenance ... Our T-l lines are monitored for errors and transmission problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

· Personal E-Mail Address ... Pathway is a Full Domain Internet Server. Each client will be allowed three E-Mail addresses. Additional addresses are available for a nominal monthly fee.

· Monthly Statement ... Although your basic service and excess hours will be billed directly against your credit card, you will receive a monthly statement indicating the extent of your Internet use.

· Web Page Services ... We provide our customers with free and/or reduced rate web services including production, storage and linkage to other sites.

System Requirements & Hardware

Certain hardware and software requirements must be met in order to ensure success in using the Internet / World Wide Web. Outlined below is what Pathway Internet Services recommends:

Almost any computer manufactured since the early 1990's will probably gain the user access to at least a portion of the Internet. Virtually every personal computer manufactured today meets Internet user standards. For maximum success. we recommend the following:

IBM / PC Compatible Systems:

Pentium microprocessor 160 MHz or faster clock speed recommended

RAM 16MB (32 MB or more is even better) Hard Drive with 50 MB free hard disk space CD-Rom Drive and/or Floppy Drive: 3.5" (1.44 MB).

MacIntosh Systems: Requirements similar to PC's

Modems: Speed: 14,400 to 56k bps internal or external (Recommended minimum -28,800 bps) An external modem will require a connecting cord - check with your computer store

Phone Line: Either Tone or Pulse service will work

Software: Windows 95 or newer (PC users)
                 Web Browser similar to Netscape or Microsoft's Internet Explorer

Although Pathway technicians will be available to assist you with your Internet installation and use, we are not familiar with all makes and models of computers, hardware and software that are on the market. We recommend that whenever possible you consult with the manufacturer and/or distributor about questions or problems you are experiencing with their products.

To Register:    Contact us at please include a daytime telephone number in your response.

Warranty & Disclaimer:

User Compliance with the Law:
All computer traffic passing through Pathway Internet Services ( will be for the purpose of conducting research. pursuing legitimate commercial enterprise, or utilizing the other features of the Internet and World Wide Web including recreational activities. Pathway Internet Services will not tolerate any use of its services for the purpose of conducting activities which violate Federal or State laws, nor will Pathway accept any activities which interrupt or interfere with the activities of any other users, networks or communication devices. Including the propagation of computer viruses or unauthorized entry into other computer resources. This policy will be diligently enforced.

Scope of Web Information:
Users of Pathway Internet Services are advised as to the broad scope of informational services available on the Web, some of which may be found to be offensive, inflammatory or of an adult or sexual nature. Pathway Internet Services disclaims any and all liability for such material. Pathway neither endorses nor accepts responsibility for the content or nature of the material accessed on the Web. Subscribers to Pathway Internet Services are advised that they are responsible for the monitoring of materials accessed through our service with their password. This expressly includes minors.

Security & Confidentiality:
Pathway strongly suggests that the user password be kept confidential. Although we will make every effort to block unauthorized use if password security has been breached, we cannot be responsible for use by others to whom the client has given their password. All use of Pathway Internet Services will be charged against the password-holder's account. Under no circumstances will Pathway Internet Services divulge user passwords to a third party nor will Pathway disseminate user information to other individuals or commercial concerns.

Terms of Payment
Unless other arrangements are made. Pathway Internet Services will charge client's use against their Mastercard. Visa or Discover card account. The client is responsible for informing Pathway Internet Services about changes in charge card status (i.e.. expired cards, changes in accounts, etc.) Charges for services will be made against the account on a monthly basis. Charges declined by the credit card service may result in immediate termination of services. Minimum monthly charge will be the equivalent of 4 hours of service (currently $6.00).  If service is terminated by the client--either intentionally or by failure to pay--an additional charge may be required to re-activate the account.

Disruption of Service:
Although Pathway Internet Services will make every effort to provide the highest quality communication service available. Pathway cannot be responsible for acts of God or other causes beyond our control which may interrupt service. Therefore, Pathway Internet Services accepts no liability for any loss incurred by their clients. Occasionally Pathway Internet Services will be required to shut down service for a brief period of time for line maintenance purposes. Pathway will make every effort to conduct maintenance at times that will be convenient for most of their clients.

Pathway Internet Services provides usable, high quality communication services to the Web. Pathway Internet Services cannot be responsible for any computer equipment,. materials, machinery, files, et al. that might experience malfunctions from viruses or other defects in programs and/or materials accessed through the Web. Pathway accepts no responsibility for the performance of the client computer system--including communication software.

Pathway cannot guarantee that the client computer system will function properly on the Internet system if the client computer system fails to meet minimum performance standards or the client software and/or hardware is not in conformance with acceptable protocol standards.

Acceptance of Terms:
Pathway Internet Services makes the assumption that these terms and conditions are acceptable to the user/client who registers for services and that no part of this agreement is waived or considered null and void by the client.

Pathway Internet Services, a division of Boroff Publication Services, Inc.
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