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Tiffin, Ohio 44883-1644

In 1824, a town was surveyed in Eden township, where the Kilbourn road crosses Honey Creek, north of the islands known as Mill, Middle and Duck Islands. Col. James Kilbourn, the surveyor, named the town "Melmore". The word Melmore is a contrived compound of the Latin word "mel," (which signifies honey), and the English adjective, "more."

The land upon which Melmore is located was entered at the Delaware land office by Case Brown. Its population in 1830 was 77, in 1840 - 127 and in 1848 - 250. Melmore in 1848 contained 40 dwellings, 2 stores, 2 taverns, 2 tailor's shops, three shoe shops, 3 blacksmith's shops. 1 cabinet shop, 1 saddler and 1 carriage shop. The oldest house was erected by John C. Jones.

Melmore was quite a trading post at one time, and its citizens were possessed of a spirit of enterprise that would have been a credit to any town. When the question of the Mad River and Lake Erie railroad was being discussed, great efforts were made to have the line from Republic through Melmore to Tiffin. Stock was sold for the railroad, but the idea never caught on and the line was never built.